The Nucleus Dashboard

The Nucleus Dashboard is a realtime user interface for Docker, developed by Atlantean Software. To learn more about docker, what it is, and how it can change your life, visit Docker's Website.

Why Nucleus?

Nucleus aims to provide you the best user experience when it comes to interfacing with Docker. The Dashboard provides realtime visual controls that will drastically improve your workflow, as compared to the command line utility that Docker uses by default. While you may be a bad ass DevOps or the best damn SysAdmin around, sometimes its just nice to be able to click a button, and have it do exactly what you want.

If you happen to be just getting started with Docker, then the Nucleus Dashboard is the perfect tool for you, as it reduces the steep learning curve that Docker presents to novice users. What would normally take you hours, days even, to learn, now only takes a few minutes. So lets get started!

Nucleus Feature Overview

Nucleus Architecture:

There are 2 parts to the Nucleus Dashboard. The first part is the front end web application that is hosted by us (Atlantean Software) at The second part is the Nucleus API server. This server runs on your docker host, and allows you the ultimate control over the host using our Dashboard.

Nucleus Architecture Flow